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Welcome to my own personal home page. I am a musician and very much enjoy songwriting. I have been writing for quite some time now, starting off back in university I formed a few bands here and there until I recently went solo.

For me personally I like lots of different genres of music, whether it be Punk Rock, Power Metal, Jazz, Classical, Alternative Music, but my favourite style has to be rock music, it is where I get the most inspiration from.

It took me a long time to learn how to write a song but with a lot of will and motivation I believe that anything can be achieved. I have now written over twenty of my own songs and strive to write as many as I can. Despite this being a hobby, its always nice to get some recognition for your efforts, so I decided to share them online.

On this site I decided to also share some knowledge of my own experiences on how to write good music so you too can one day write your own stuff and become a songwriter in your own right. If you click on the Other tab, it will all be in there. In there you will find information on what set ups you can have as a beginner, how to write your own lyrics and other tips that I have found to be most effective.

As a professional I am an SEO specialist, meaning I work alongside the search engines, I have a fascination for online marketing and have been working in Search Engine optimisation for a number of years now.

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